Tmoney Only
for Foreigners

We would like to introduce Tmoney for Foreign Tourists.

티머니 버튼 목록

Alipay Tmoney

Price and Exchange Centers
- Price: 23,500KRW (credit 20,000KRW + card fee 3,500KRW) ※ CASH ONLY (Korean currency).
※ Available for purchase on Alipay in Chinese Yuan, The price in Yuan is subject to change according to the daily exchange rate.
- Exchange centers: After purchasing the Alipay Tmoney through the Alipay app, please present the received barcode at the exchange center to receive the card.
Price and Exchange Centers : Category, Region, Name, Location, Operating Hours
Category Region Name Location Operating Hours
Airport Inchon Woori Bank Currency Exchange Next to No.5 & 10 Gates on the Arrival floor
Tourist Information Center No.4 & No.9 Gates on the Arrival floor 07:00~22:00
Kimpo Woori Bank Currency Exchange Woori Bank on the 1st Fl. of the International Terminal
Alipay Tmoney Use Tip
- After you arrive at the Inchon Airport, it is not necessary to wander around to purchase or recharge Tmoney. When you pay in advance through Alipay App at local China, you can receive a charged Tmoney card at the Inchon Airport and use immediately.

Tmoney Guide

  • Use Guide

Please put (tag) the card on a card reader for the payment.
Do not remove the card until the payment is completed (it takes about 0.5sec).

① Bus
Tag the card at the center of a card reader upon riding until the beep is heard. The fees and remaining balance will be displayed on the card reader. When getting off the bus, you should tag again it to the card reader until the beep is heard to receive transfer fee discount.

② Subway
When you ride a subway, tag the card at the center of a card reader until the beep is heard. The fees and remaining balance will be displayed on the card reader. (It may be differently displayed when you transfer.) You should tag it in the same way when you arrive at your destination.

③ Taxi
When you get to your destination present Tmoney card to a taxi driver. After the payment is completed, please make sure to retrieve the card and its receipt.

④ Others
When making payment, present Tmoney card to a convenient store, café, etc. where it is possible to pay by Tmoney. After the payment is completed, please make sure to retrieve the card and its receipt.

  • Transfer Discount Guide

When you use Tmoney for public transportation (subway, bus, etc), you will receive the transfer discount in case you take other transport within 30 minutes from the time of tagging the card to a card reader when getting off. Please make sure to tag Tmoney to a card reader when you get off the bus or pass the subway turnstile.

- Available between Subway↔Bus and Bus↔Bus, excluding buses running along the same route.
- Available up to 4 times daily. From 9 PM until 7 AM the following day, discount is applicable to the transfer within 1 hour.
- Transfer discount will not be applicable on cash payment or a single ride ticket

  • Fare Discount Guide

- When you use Tmoney for public transportation (subway, bus, etc), you can receive 100KRW discount compared to cash payment or a single ride ticket.
- For children and youth, you could enjoy the discounted fare if you register the card with your birth date at the convenience store. Please present Tmoney along with your ID that can prove your date of the birth (passport, alien card, etc).
(children: 6 ~ 12 years old /youth: 13 ~ 18 years old)
- If an adult use children or youth cards intentionally or carelessly, he or she is subject to a fine worth 30 times that of the standard fare.

  • Where to Use

    Where to Use :Transportation, Retail Brands, Others
    Transportation Subway / Buses (including airport bus, Seoul late night bus) / Taxi / Express bus + Intercity bus / Highway, road and tunnel toll / Train(railroad), etc
    * You may not be able to use in some regions.
    Retail Brands [Convenience Store]



    [Coffee & Ice Cream Shop]


    [Flour Based Food]

    [Cosmetic Shop]


    ※ Some stores are excluded
    Others Public phones, vending machines and lockers in the subway station, public parking lots, traditional market, etc
  • How to top-up

Please present your Tmoney and cash (Korean currency) for top-up

- You can continuously use AmazingPay Tmoney by recharging it.
- You can top-up the card in the unit of 1,000KRW, in the range of 1,000KRW to 90,000KRW. The amount of money deposited in Tmoney may not exceed 500,000 KRW.
- There is no service charge imposed to a customer for top-up.

  • How to get a refund

Please pass your Tmoney on to the staff for a refund.
The refund (outstanding deposit minus service fee) will be given to you in cash ( Korean currency) along with the card.

- The refund is available when the remaining balance of Tmoney card is not more than 20,000 KRW.
- Service fee of 500 KRW will be imposed. Partial refund is not bossible. (Only entire refund is available)
- The refund amount is equivalent to the outstanding deposit, and does not include the cost of the card.
- If your Tmoney does not function properly due to reasons other than loss/ deformation/breakage, etc., the price of the card and the outstanding deposit will be entirely refunded.

  • Where to top-up/refund Tmoney

    Where to Top-up/Refund Tmoney : Convenience Store, Subway, Others
    Convenience Store Korea’s major convenience stores, including GS25, CU, 7Eleven, Buy the Way, Ministop, WithMe, 365plus, Story Way, Cspace
    Subway Manned/unmanned reload devices, Tmoney vending machines, service center
    Others Tmoney Town, 1st Fl. Tmoney HQ
    * When the remaining balance is above 20 thousands KRW, refund is possible at Tmoney Town, Tmoney HQ
  • Customer Service Center

- Service in foreign language : 120 Press 9 or 1644-0088 Press *8