Tmoney Only
for Foreigners

We would like to introduce Tmoney for Foreign Tourists.

Metropolitan Mpass

Metropolitan Area Mpass

Transportation daily pass which enables the users to ride
the public transportation such as Seoul metropolitan subway, Seoul bus,
and Airport Railroad Express up to 20 times a day

Price and Issuing Centers

  • Price ※ CASH ONLY (Korean currency)

Price : Classification, Price(KRW), Discount Price after 5PM
Classification Price(KRW) Discount Price after 5PM
1 day pass 15,000 12,000
2 day pass 23,000 20,000
3 day pass 30,500 27,500
5 day pass 47,500 44,500
7 day pass 64,500 61,500

※ Discount will be applicable when you purchase Mpass after 5PM.
※ The price includes 5,000KRW deposit. You can get a refund of 4,500KRW when returning the card. (Service fee of 500KRW will be deducted.)
※ When returning the card, remaining balance will be refunded. If the balance is over 500KRW, service fee of 500KRW will be deducted.

  • Issuing/Return Centers

Issue/Return Centers : Category, Region, Name, Location, Operating Hour
Category Region Name Location Operating Hour
Downtown Seoul Station Tmoney Town Seoul City Tower 1st Fl. at Exit No.10 of Seoul Station 09:00~18:00
(Closed on weekends
and public holidays)
Mpass Guide
- If you are a tourist who uses public transport frequently, save transportation fare with Mpass that enables you to ride maximum 20 times a day.
[Routes Available with Mpass]
Metropolitan subway, Airport Railroad regular train, Seoul green/blue/yellow buses, town buses, Seoul late night buses
- Mpass is mounted with the functions of transport pass and Tmoney. When you want to use it for transportation(Taxi, etc,.) or retail brands where it is not possible to use Mpass, you may use it after top-up Tmoney.
- One day is calculated from the initial tag until midnight on the same day.
- If Mpass is 2 to 7 day pass, it is possible to use it only in consecutive days.
It is not possible to extend or change it during its use.
- If you do not use Mpass within 30 days from the issuance, it will not be possible to use it due to the expiration.