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How to use the Tmoney card

  1.     Foreign Language Service Call Center Dasan Call Center(Seoul) : Calll 120, press 9

Transfer Discount
If you use public transportation (i.e. subway, bus) with your Tmoney card, you can get a ₩100-plus discount for every ride. Tmoney card holders can enjoy up to four discounts a day, if they transfer within a transfer time limit of 30 minutes (up to 1 hour from 9pm to 7am next day).
The discount is applicable to transfers from subway to bus & via versa, and between one bus to another (excluding buses running along the same route).

Base Fare Discount (only for youth/children)
Children or youth users can enjoy the discounted fare if they register their card with their date of birth in convenience stores or information center in subway station, by presenting Tmoney card and ID card.
- Children : Age 6 to 12
- Youth : Age 13 to 18
※ Caution : Adults using children or youth cards will be subject to a fine worth 30 times that of the base fare.

Present your Tmoney card and cash (in Korean won) for top-up in Tmoney sales locations. You can top-up the card in the unit of ₩1,000, in the range of ₩1,000 to ₩90,000. The amount of money deposited in Tmoney card may not exceed ₩500,000.
구매처 안내 : 편의점, 지하철, 가판 및 개별편의점, 통신사, 인천국제공항, 온라인 티머니샵 확인표
Convenience Store

GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, MINISTOP, Story Way, Emart24, 365PLUS

Subway Stations
(Top-up Only)

- Top-up machine including One-time ticket issuer, Tmoney vending machine, portable reload machine
- Information Center


Tmoney Town (Seoul Stn Exit#10, Seoul City Tower 1F)

Present your Tmoney card and inform the staff how much you want to refund in Tmoney card sales/Top-up locations. The refund will be given to you in cash in Korean won along with card.
- Refund does not include the cost of card.
- The service fee of ₩500 will be charged.
※ Caution : Partial refunds are only available at Tmoney Town and Tmoney service center in subway station. Partial refunds are available only for amounts between 10,000 and 50,000 KRW, and will be refunded in units of 10,000 KRW. (Plate tmoney cards only)